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88 West is a full-service agency focused on developing brand identities and upscale graphic design. Our vision is to forge a new path in this space with our holistic approach and ultramodern solutions.

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We fully immerse ourselves in your company so that we can uncover what really makes you unique. We take your full story to craft you a strong brand that represents you in the world.  
We believe that every effective product is the result of a strategy process. We facilitate collaborative workshops and research studies to define a strong concrete action plan so you will reach your branding goals. We take our new strategic understanding and let our team craft you a series of new creative concepts that will position your brand correctly for true success. You will work closely with our team to select, create, develop and refine your brand. The final step of our process is to guide you through a successful launch showcasing your new brand to the world. We will reinforce your new identity throughout the web, packaging, social and so much more.  

Tell your brand story from the inside out.

We are always excited to present our work and hear your feedback. We collaborate with you every step of the way and explore new possibilities that deliver results.



This is where ideas are refined and transformed into something truly inspiring. Our design, photography, and marketing solutions will develop the best results.



We want to hear your story. Through thought provoking questions and research, we can determine industry trends and analyze the competitive landscape. 



Our Process

We give you the tools you need to ensure your brand is consistent and engaging through all channels. We want your brand story to move onto even bigger and better successes.



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We elevate your brand through the best user experiences. We transform brands through strategy, visual identity, and physical and online presence. From startups to corporations, we are proud to be able to help companies succeed.

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Blairhaus is North Mississippi’s premier home staging and interior design company. They work with builders and buyers from the ground up as well as realtors and designers striving to create that perfect space, no matter what the stage. Their 3D modeling moves projects from the creative imagination to presentation worthy images, while their retail space in Downtown Tupelo holds everything needed to make it all come to life - Making a Haus Your Home.

Blairhaus Interiors & Home Staging Brand

McCarty King Construction has spent the last 40 years building a reputation as honest, genuine and building long-term value in commercial construction. After a leadership transition in 2012, their team began exploring a brand refresh to realign with the company's current image while keeping the same solid commitment to excellence. They sought the guidance of 88 West to rebrand their image and to provide support for the next generation of company growth.

McCarty King Construction Brand

Through their handcrafted meals, Wholey Foods encompasses everything it stands for: free from additives, nitrates and other preservatives. Wholey Foods is not a diet but a commitment to wellness and healthy living. How do they accomplish this, you ask? Well, they simply use FOOD GROWN BY THE SUN. They use fresh veggies, fruit and proteins that are clean and humanely raised to support a healthier lifestyle for the Bay St. Louis community. Prep your day the right way.

Wholey Foods Rebrand

Let's create something great together.

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Let's create something great together.

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