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88 West is a brand marketing agency focused on developing brand identities and upscale graphic design throughout Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. Our vision is to forge a new path in this space with our holistic approach and ultramodern solutions.

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We fully immerse ourselves in your company so that we can uncover what really makes you unique. We take your full story to craft you a strong brand that represents you in the world.  
We believe that every effective product is the result of a strategy process. We facilitate collaborative workshops and research studies to define a strong concrete action plan so you will reach your branding goals. We take our new strategic understanding and let our team craft you a series of new creative concepts that will position your brand correctly for true success. You will work closely with our team to select, create, develop and refine your brand. The final step of our process is to guide you through a successful launch showcasing your new brand to the world. We will reinforce your new identity throughout the web, packaging, social and so much more.  

Tell your brand story from the inside out.

We are always excited to present our work and hear your feedback. We collaborate with you every step of the way and explore new possibilities that deliver results.



This is where ideas are refined and transformed into something truly inspiring. Our design, photography, and marketing solutions will develop the best results.



We want to hear your story. Through thought provoking questions and research, we can determine industry trends and analyze the competitive landscape. 



Our Process

We give you the tools you need to ensure your brand is consistent and engaging through all channels. We want your brand story to move onto even bigger and better successes.



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We elevate your brand through the best user experiences. We transform brands through strategy, visual identity, and physical and online presence. From startups to corporations, we are proud to be able to help companies succeed.

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Let us introduce you to a premier real estate company in North Mississippi – Nichols & Company – Real Estate Group. Mandy and Nic Nichols are a power team in the industry! Mandy brings 10+ years of experience as a real estate agent and is partnering up with her husband Nic who has 25+ years of experience as a contractor. Together, they are bringing you top-notch real estate designs and services. When it comes time to find the next place to call home, choose Nichols & Co. You won’t regret it!

Nichols & Co. - Real Estate Group Brand

Immerse Health and Wellness guides people on a journey of reaching their greatest health potential and maintaining a more robust, vibrant and restored YOU. Every treatment is tailored to heal and restore the body and mind.  At 88 West, it was our mission to create a social media campaign for her brand, Immerse Health & Wellness that would highlight the amazing care and services she provides her patients.

Immerse Health & Wellness

Taming the Wild’s passion is to provide a genuine, welcoming, scientifically based, and supportive training environment for owners and their dogs, which allows them to both thrive and connect with each other. We were honored to work with Kira and Bryan Bailey on the Taming The Wild brand through digital and printed design.

Taming The Wild

Let's create something great together.

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Let's create something great together.

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