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McCarty King Construction has spent the last 40 years building a reputation as honest, genuine and building long-term value in commercial construction. After a leadership transition in 2012, their team began exploring a brand refresh to realign with the company’s current image while keeping the same solid commitment to excellence. McCarty King sought our guidance to rebrand their image and to provide support for the next generation of company growth.

McCarty King boasts a keen ability to adapt to any job size or challenge. Inspired by their versatility, we reimagined their new brand name to reflect that type of drive. With the north Mississippi market being dominant, McCarty King is in growth mode. Through research and touch points on the McCarty King vision, we introduce you to a new look. 

It was important to us that we create a versatile logo that is strong, modern, and makes an impact no matter what it is on. Just like you see in the letters of KING, there is always something being built upon – whether it be physical buildings or client business relationships, growth is happening for this company everyday.

We want to introduce  you to, McCarty King Construction. From the very beginning, since 1982, their company and leadership history has been family-established and family-oriented. Whether you are a part of their team or one of their clients, you are kin. They are proud to build upon the relationships they have made and look forward to many more years serving their community. Not only is the company a leader in commercial construction but also makes a mark in larger custom residential builds and renovations. To help their new brand portray this message, we have incorporated a subtle roof line of a house nested in the K icon.

With a new brand comes the need for a new website to go with it. Check out McCarty King’s new website at

Whether you are a client, vendor or employee, McCarty KING portrays a standard in which things are done. Planning for quality, building for longevity. It’s our promise.

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