Building a Legacy: McCarty King Construction

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A brand is a living, breathing thing. A dynamic brand strategy is at the bedrock of effective storytelling—marketing tells your audience how, but branding tells them why. A cohesive brand shows the target audience the voice behind a company, so each element of a brand should form a unique, clear vision. From the initial research phase to the final launch, utilizing the right branding process is the difference-maker between successful companies and trailblazers.

Branding is the key to fostering trust, gaining loyal customers, and boosting brand recall, important objectives for any industry, but especially the construction sector. At 88 West, when we design a brand, we immerse ourselves in our client’s industry to create a fully-realized story. Extensive market research and planning are the two best tools for a successful rebrand, such as our recent rebrand with McCarty KING Construction.

A force in the north Mississippi construction market, McCarty KING has spent 40 years building a solid reputation for fine workmanship and a commitment to excellence. Today, these values still ring true for clients, but an effective brand strategy must present them differently than in the past. After a 2012 change in leadership, their team began forming a plan to modernize the organization from the inside out. 

When we began working with McCarty KING, we knew we wanted to integrate the company’s vision, versatility, and drive into a unique brand story. This goal informed every decision we made, from redesigning their website to creating physical marketing materials. The key to this rebrand: honoring their reputation, 40 years in the making, while building a modernized brand that resonates with the next generation.

As their branding agency, it was important to us that we create a versatile logo that portrays strength and integrity and makes an impact no matter what it is on. Just like you see in the letters of KING, there is always something being built upon within this company–whether it be physical buildings or client relationships, at McCarty KING, growth is happening every day. Not only is the company a leader in commercial construction but also makes a mark in large custom residential builds and renovations. To help their new brand portray this message, we have incorporated a subtle roof line of a building nested in the K icon. With a new brand comes the need to create a tagline. McCarty KING’s tagline portrays a standard by which things are done. 

Planning for quality, building for longevity. It’s our promise.

McCarty KING’s tagline speaks to key values such as reliable craftsmanship and personal business relationships. A strong slogan is just one piece of the puzzle that is a successful rebrand. As we developed each aspect of their rebrand, we continuously worked to maintain their position as a trusted leader in the industry. We devised a color palette and a package of logos fit for various digital and physical marketing tactics such as social media graphics, construction site signage, and branded apparel. The special ‘40 Years of Excellence’ design featured here further highlights McCarty KING’s construction capabilities and commitment to long-term value.

There are seemingly limitless options today for where to market your brand, but knowing which options best suit a particular brand is key. Social media presence and an appealing website are critical in the digital era, but traditional marketing materials retain their own usefulness. For McCarty KING, we designed social media campaigns specifically for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Each social media platform brings a unique audience, so be sure to know where exactly your audience is. You don’t want to waste time marketing on a platform that your audience doesn’t use.

Having a presence across a variety of platforms also maximizes the opportunity for cross-promotion. The versatility of design elements in our rebrand allows graphics to easily fit into a social media post, a website graphic, or a physical piece of merchandise. A successful rebrand will present a cohesive, engaging story across a variety of platforms. Despite the variety of platforms used in this project, our storytelling strategy remains singular in voice. The same logic applies to physical marketing materials. Every sign, banner, pamphlet, or pen with the new logo will reflect the thoughtfulness and clarity behind their brand identity.

With a new brand comes the need for a new website to go with it.
Check out their new website design at

Strategic and cohesive branding is the genesis of loyalty, trust, and effective communication between a company and its customers. But a productive brand strategy does not come naturally. It requires thorough market research, thoughtful design, and extensive planning. Moreover, sustaining the health of a brand requires constant monitoring of reception and engagement with audiences across every platform. After 40 years of excellence, McCarty KING’s rebrand lays the foundation for the next generation of quality, trust, and success.

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